Pantry Design for Federal Way Residents


Buying in bulk is great for saving money, but storing in bulk can be quite overwhelming. As a family owned and operated company, The Custom Closet Company is particularly sensitive to the average homeowner’s pantry storage needs.

Ever since we set up the business in 1990, we have been striving to provide the residents of Federal Way, WA with the perfect answers to their storage problems.

We believe that it is our passion for satisfying customers thoroughly that has taken the company to such great heights. Using our rich experience in pantry design and pantry shelving installation, we craft high quality pantry organizers that fit your storage requirements perfectly.

We couple the excellent products with equally fine service to make sure that we are the expert you always turn to for all your storage and organization needs.

Pantry Shelves to Organize Your Pantry


Kitchen and pantry storage needs are not the same for different families. Apart from your family size and lifestyle, the size of your house and pantry space also dictates your pantry design.

Call The Custom Closet Company for a free in-home consultation and get a tailor-made solution for your Federal Way pantry. Let our experts design the best pantry shelves and organizers to stock your food items, crockery, appliances, etc., while also making sure that everything is easy to access.

The pantry design and pantry shelving solutions we can provide include:

  • Custom Pantry Shelving
  • Pantry Cabinets
  • Pull Out Pantry Shelves and Drawers
  • Wire Baskets
  • Wine and Glassware Racks
  • Storage Bins

Pantry Shelving and Pantry Storage Ideas


When it comes to pantry design and pantry shelving, few professionals in Federal Way can match us. We train our team in-house to hone their skills to perfection and make sure that there is hardly any pantry storage idea they cannot turn into reality.

Our technicians use the right accessories to maximize storage efficiency and convenience. The pantry shelving, drawers, racks and cabinets are given a custom finish so that they complement the overall decor of your kitchen and house.

Our unique features include:

  • Innovative pantry design to make optimal use of the available space
  • Strategically placed pantry shelves to make things easy to stock and locate
  • Superior craftsmanship by knowledgeable and experienced technicians
  • Careful pantry shelving measurement and installation
  • Clean-cut and courteous workers
  • Hassle-free services guaranteed
  • High quality materials and accessories used

For a customized pantry design and pantry shelving that facilitates easy stocking and storing, call The Custom Closet Company. (253) 245-3883