Pantry Design in the Bellevue, Tacoma & Seattle Area


The Custom Closet Company specializes in bringing order to your kitchen. Our designers are experienced in kitchen and pantry design. Isn't time for you to organize your pantry?

Organize Your Kitchen Pantry with a Custom Pantry Design

Getting an organized kitchen pantry is easier than you think. Our kitchen pantry designers can customize a solution just for you and your space.

Our team of designers will discuss your needs with you and then work to find the perfect custom pantry for you.

We are a complete solution for your storage needs as we address all the issues that you might have with your household organization challenges. Adding a walk-in closet or a reach-in closet to your home will certainly increase its value.

Besides, the most attractive feature of custom closets is that they increase the storage space, eliminating stress and clutter.

Why Choose The Custom Closet Company for a Custom Pantry


Since 1990, The Custom Closet Company has been designing, building, and manufacturing custom kitchen pantry solutions for residents of Seattle, WA and beyond.

We understand the unique challenges that homeowners face due to disorganized and cluttered spaces. We make sure to address their organizational and storage needs while adding our personal and unique touch. We offer Seattle homeowners the pantry solutions that they want and need.

We will work with you to find the perfect custom pantry design for your kitchen space. Call our custom pantry design experts today at (253) 245-3883.