Pantry Design for Edmonds Residents


Imagine buying something to discover that it was already there in the pantry, or taking out a food box only to find it way past the expiry date. All because of an unsystematic pantry system! Indeed, nothing can be more wasteful and irritating than a messy pantry. When The Custom Closet Company installs custom-designed pantry shelving in your home in Edmonds, WA, such inefficiencies will be banished from your life.

Our experienced team can be trusted for creating pantry design and pantry shelving options that surpass all expectations. We are totally focused on customer satisfaction.

From free in-home consultation to customized pantry design services, to skillful carpentry, to careful storage solutions’ installation, to friendly customer service, we make sure that all our Edmonds customers are extremely pleased with the products and services they receive from us.

Pantry Shelves to Organize Your Pantry


You don’t have to be a professional chef to want a beautiful, well-stocked pantry! In fact, it is the need of every efficient household. Whether you are cooking a feast or just rustling up a quick dinner for the family, an organized pantry can help you manage things effortlessly and enjoy your time in the kitchen.

Here, at The Custom Closet Company, we offer professional pantry design and pantry shelving services that will breathe life into your kitchen, home and life. Our smart pantry storage solutions help save your time, make the cooking easier and also prove to be impressive additions to your lifestyle.

The pantry design and pantry shelving options offered by us include:

  • Built In Pantry Shelves
  • Roll Out Pantry Shelves
  • Pantry Drawers
  • Glass and Wine Racks
  • Pantry Storage Cabinets
  • Bins
  • Baskets

Pantry Shelving and Pantry Storage Ideas


When you want functional pantry design and pantry shelving ideas that blend seamlessly with your kitchen as well as home in Edmonds, there is just one name to trust, The Custom Closet Company.

Specialty shelving, metal wine racks, stemware racks, wooden storage racks, and vertical slated pantry shelves - we can build and install all that you may need to maintain an organized pantry.

Our key features include:

  • Servicing the Edmonds region since 1990
  • Pantry shelving that adds to your ease of work and your property’s value
  • Unmatched pricing
  • Pantry design, building and installation team trained in-house
  • Strong, efficient and lasting pantry shelves and cabinets
  • Thoroughly professional work to deliver a pleasant experience to every customer

Enjoy a relaxed cooking experience! Hire The Custom Closet Company for designing, creating and installing an organized pantry for you. (253) 245-3883