Garage Storage Solutions for the Renton Resident


The Custom Closet Company has been providing expert home design and custom cabinet installation services in the Renton community since 1990. We understand that keeping your garage organized starts with garage cabinets and garage storage solutions.

That is the reason why we pride ourselves on offering garage storage solutions that will transform your present garage into a work space or storage area that is both exceptionally practical and attractive.

Our ability to custom design, build and install your garage storage cabinets make us the favorite choice for garage storage solutions in Renton, WA. With high-quality workmanship and attention to detail, your garage cabinets will give you all the space you need to keep your Renton garage organized.

Renton Homeowners Keep Organized with Garage Storage Cabinets


What exactly are you looking for in your garage? Do you need to make room for a new hobby or work space?

Garage storage cabinets can help organize supplies, tools and products for your hobby.

You will be amazed at the amount of additional usable space you will have by simply removing the normal amount of clutter found in many Renton garages.

As a Renton homeowner you understand that a neat and orderly garage adds value to your home. Our custom garage storage cabinets can be designed and installed to meet your exact specifications for space and size requirements.

Garage Cabinets to Reduce Clutter in your Renton Garage


Our expert garage storage solutions for the Renton homeowner include:

  • Garage storage shelves and racks
  • Complete garage storage systems
  • Wooden storage cabinets
  • Custom garage cabinets and shelving

Are you searching for garage storage solutions with custom garage cabinets and shelving? You can remove the clutter and regain the use of your Renton garage by giving us a call. The Custom Closet Company is a dependable, affordable and experienced custom garage cabinet installer serving Renton.

We provide economic storage options that fit your budget and space requirements. The Renton homeowner will benefit from our key strengths, including:

  • 30 years of expertise within the home design and custom cabinetry industry
  • Highly-knowledgeable and trained garage storage cabinet installation team
  • Professional workmanship with strong attention to detail
  • Top-quality parts and products for garage cabinets
  • Meet the garage storage requirements of every Renton homeowner

Your job is to decide what you want your Renton garage to look like. Many people have never been able to actually park their car in the garage! With our garage storage cabinets you can say good-bye to clutter and find more space than you will know what to do with. ..May even be able to pull your car in for the night!

Contact us today at (253) 245-3883.